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Mutant proteins linked to DNA damage, muscular dystrophy黄石祥隆祥机械有限公司

New Cornell-led research has found a strong connection between DNA damage triggered by mutations in proteins that surround the cell nucleus, known as lamins, and muscular dystrophy.

New material answers call for high-frequency electronics泉州瑞义东商贸有限公司

A Cornell-led collaboration has created a new material that will bring clarity and extra bandwidth to the next generation of cellphones and other high-frequency electronics.

In global south, building sewers may spur health, economy 河南省如寿正商贸有限公司

Cities in the “global south” – densely populated urban areas that are part of low-income countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America – should phase out pit latrines, septic tanks and other on-site methods of human waste management, according to a Cornell researcher.

Cornell geologists detect rapid ‘ice stream’ at Arctic glacier太原贵浩亚商贸有限公司

Cornell geologists, examining the desolate Vavilov ice cap on the northern fringe of Siberia in the Arctic Circle, have for the first time observed the rapid ice loss from an improbable new river of ice.

Astronaut conducts Cornell experiment on space station那曲生公台科技有限公司

Orbiting 250 miles above the Earth on the International Space Station, astronaut and station commander Luca Parmitano on Dec. 10-11 conducted a Cornell-designed experiment that will help validate numerical models used for a number of industrial and geophysical applications.

Collaboration yields insights into mosquito reproduction宜宾美信安设备有限公司

Four Cornell researchers took a deeper look at mosquito reproduction with the goal of helping humans combat outbreaks of diseases such as dengue and Zika, which are worsening as the climate warms.

Smart intersections could reduce autonomous car congestion三门峡永裕弘商贸有限公司

Cornell researchers developed a first-of-its-kind model to control traffic and intersections in order to increase autonomous car capacity on urban streets, reduce congestion and minimize accidents.

Celebration marks prototype accelerator getting up to speed思茅长晶泰设备有限公司

Staff, university leaders, industry partners and government representatives attended a Dec. 5 celebration of the launch of the Cornell-Brookhaven ERL Test Accelerator facility, known as CBETA.

Students go all in at robotics competition 梅河口合巨新服务有限公司

More than 100 engineering students let off some end-of-semester steam and tried not to blow any gaskets at the annual Robotics Day competition, held Dec. 10 in Duffield Hall atrium.

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